Take Pride In What You Give

They are small but say so much about you.  They are the art of saying “Hello” to someone.   They tell someone your name, what you do, how to get and keep in touch with you.  With so much information about you in a small space, a business card should be a reflection of you and the business you represent.

Unfortunately, over recent years business cards seem to have acquired a disposable quality about them.  They are given away as freebies or hundreds bought for less than £1. They can be of an odd size so don’t fit easily into wallets or purses and produced on flimsy material so they are simply folded and then discarded.   Does this sound like a good reflection of you?

As the title says, take pride in what you give –  the goods you sell or the service you provide are awarded this recognition of pride, but if your business card, often the first introduction to you and your business, is not, then potential customers may perceive a lack of quality, service or commitment from you .

American Psycho, portrays the ultimate scene encompassing pride in a business card as paramount (as well as one-upmanship ).   Patrick Bateman, a stockbroker, is seated at a conference table with his colleagues.  He thinks his business card with “bone” colouring and “Silian Grail” lettering is the epitome of excellence as he slides one out from his silver case.  When his fellow stockbrokers see the off-white colour and embossed black wording he is smug at the gasps of admiration…. however…  when another stockbroker slides his new card across the table which is “Egg Shell, with Roman” the look of smugness turns into a bitter smile and all Patrick can muster is “Nice”.   Paul Allen’s card is next placed on the table. Patrick is ever the poker face psycho, containing his jealous rage inside, he’s seething “Look at that subtle colouring.  The tasteful thickness….Oh my God.  It even has a watermark”.

When first impressions are everything, a good quality and original business card is a must if you wish to instil yourself in the mind of potential clients.  

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